Costume Jewelry by Color – Red

We researched the best red costume jewelry by color on Amazon and brought them to you in one convenient store, saving you countless hours of searching. We’ve included dresses and accessories by color to compliment your red Costume Jewelry by Color. You’ll be able to find beautiful red costume jewelry pieces and matching gowns and outfits to give you that “million dollar” look for under $100. Are you going to a wedding, prom, or formal event? The right costume jewelry by color will make any dress pop.  Red costume jewelry is elegant and fun.

Red Diamonds

Red costume jewelry imitates beautiful red diamonds.  The most famous red diamond is the  Moussaieff .  The 5.11 carat Moussaieff Red diamond is the largest red diamond. The diamond was discovered in Brazil and was named the Red shield. When the Moussaieff Jewelers bought the diamond it was renamed the Moussaieff Red. The diamond was displayed at the “Splendor of Diamonds” eshibit at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.