Costume Jewelry by Color – Clear/Crystal/Diamond

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If you’re looking for that one perfect piece of jewelry to compliment your evening gown, then you’ve come to the right place. If you want that exclusive diamond look without the diamond price, costume jewelry by color – clear, is the place for you. Get some inspiration from the celebrities and find out how they wore their diamonds. Emulate that diamond look with a costume jewelry by color – clear, piece that will rival any celebrity look.

The Archduke Joseph Diamond measures over 74 carats and rated D for its flawlessness. Archduke Joseph of Hungary originally owned the diamond. He was a leader of a failed reform movement who was forced to retire. The diamond was hidden in France during World War II and disappeared until 1961 when it came up for auction. In 1993, the diamond came up for auction again for 6.4 million dollars. The necklace is lent to celebrities for special occasions. In 2002, Celine Dion war the Archduke Joseph diamond when she performed “A New Day Has Come,” on CBS.

The Centenary Diamond weighs over 273 carats and is flawless. It was mined from the DeBeers mine in South Africa and was almost 599 carats uncut. The jewel was displayed in the Tower of London for several years. When the jewel was removed from the tower of London, it was believed that the gem was sold to a private collector. All that is known is that the gem was insured for over 100 million dollars.

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond in the world. It was originally 3,160 carats. The diamond was given to England’s King Edward Vii as a gift. The gem was cut into 11 stones. The largest is called the Star of Africa; and is part of the crown jewels.

The Deepdene diamond is a diamond with a tainted past. The diamond was 104.88 carats when it was sold to Harry Winston at an estate sale. The diamond ended up in Europe until it was auctioned at Christies in 1971. Before the auction, it was claimed that the diamond was irradiated to change its color to yellow and make it more valuable. The buyer had the diamond tested and found that the allegations were correct, and demanded a refund of his money. The Deepdene diamond hasn’t been seen after the incident.

The Great Moghul diamond is a legendary gem of the ancient world; and hasn’t been seen for thousands of years. The diamond was reported to be 240 carats. The stone disappeared. Some experts theorize the the Great Moghul diamond is actually the Orolov Diamond.

The Regent Diamond, 140.6 carats, was fabled to have been discovered by a slave in a diamond mine in India in 1692. The slave hid the diamond in a wound inside of his body. In trying to escape by ship, the slave was killed; the captain of the ship took the diamond. The diamond was sold to a well-known merchant trader, Thomas Pitt. He then sold it to Pillippe II in 1717. In 1775, Louis the XVI had the diamond set in a crown. Later Louis the XVI gave it to Marie Antoinette. The gem was stolen, hidden and was reported to be owned by Napoleon Bonaparte, who had it set into his sword in 1801. When Napoleon died, the diamond was sent to Austria. Eventually the stone was sent to France where it was set in the royal crown worn by Louis XVIII, Charles X, Napoleon III, and Empress Eugenie. Today, the crown with the Regent diamond is on display at the Louvre.”

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