Costume Jewelry By Color Blue


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Costume Jewelry by Color – Blue

Costume Jewelry by Color – Blue is one of the most popular choices of both royalty and celebrities alike.   Of course their jewelry is comprised of authentic gemstones, but you can achieve that same “million dollar” look for pennies on the dollar.  Costume Jewelry by color has compiled the most beautiful blue costume jewelry to rival the “real” deal.  There popular pieces, unique jewelry and classic staples for both brides, bridesmaids, and black tie events.  Get matching evening bags all with one stop shopping.  Find your costume jewelry by color in blue by clicking on our Amazon store to the right.  Read about some of the most famous and infamous blue jewelry in history below. 

Royal Jewelry – Sapphires
The queen of England wears a sapphire necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring which was given to her by her father, King George VI, for a wedding present in 1947. He purchased the set from Carrington and Company. The sapphire set was originally created in the 1850’s. This necklace is timeless. Queen Elizabeth redesigned the necklace. The sapphire pendant can smartly be removed and worn as a brooch.
The Hope Diamond
The Hope diamond has a mysterious history: and is rumored to carry a fatal curse. Sometime around 1669, the king of France, Louis the XIV purchased the huge blue sapphire. He then had the stone recut into a 69 carat heart-shaped diamond called the French blue. In 1749, King Louis the XV had the diamond set into a pendant for the Order of the Golden Fleece. During the French Revolution. King Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette were captured and killed trying to flee the country. During the looting during the French revolution, the diamond disappeared. Sometime after 1812 a huge blue 44 carat blue diamond appeared in London. In 1839, Henry Philip Hope catalogued the diamond which now bears his name. Hope died the same year he catalogued his gem collection. His grandson was forced to sell the diamond in 1901 to fulfill his debts. The Hope diamond changed hands many times until it reappeared in New York City. This is where the curse begins. The Company that held the diamond was in financial difficulty and sold the diamond to Salim Habib. In 1909, Habib had to sell the diamond to “settle his debts.” He sold the diamond to Cartier, who then sold it to Evalyn McLean, a D.C. socialite. McLean willed the diamond to her grandchildren who sold the diamond to Harry Winston to pay off their debts. Harry Winston donated the diamond to the Smithsonian in the most unusual way. He mailed the diamond to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian updated the necklace in 2010 with a new necklace called Embracing Hope. The diamond was then restored to its original setting.

Celebrities Wearing Blue Jewelry


Although this year’s trend at the Awards ceremonies was to wear no necklace, blue was definitely in.  The actress in the mermaid dress looks beautiful, but her outfit looks incomplete without the necklace. Don’t worry, you’ll be fashion forward when you complete your ensemble with a beautiful piece of blue costume jewelry.

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