Costume Jewelry by Color – Black

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Costume Jewelry by Color – Black

Costume Jewelry by Color – Black, is a compilation of the most beautiful black costume jewelry.  Compliment your black evening gown with stunning black costume jewelry.  We bring you the best black costume jewelry organized by color at very affordable prices.  Don’t have that perfect dress yet?  Whether it is for weddings, proms or formal wear, you’ll find that “million dollar” look for an incredibly low price.  Shop for black costume jewelry, dresses and matching handbags by clicking on our Amazon Store to the right.  What ever season you are, you will look decidedly elegant in black.

Famous Black Jewelry

Royal Jewelry – Black Diamonds

The Black Orlov is a black diamond with a story much like the Hope diamond.  Like out of an Indiana Jones movie, legend states that the 195 carat gem stone was stolen from Southern India where it was pried out of the eye of the Hindu statue of the Hindu God Brahma.  The stone resurfaced in Russia, incorporated into a beautiful necklace worn by Princess Nadia Vyegin Orlov.  Like the Hope diamond, the Black Orlov was bought and sold many times, disappearing, only to resurface years later.  J. Dennis Petimezas, a Pennsylvania diamond broker bought the stone in 1995.  Petimezas sold the Black Orlov to an anonymous buyer in 1969 for $360,000.  See photos below.


The Black Star of Queensland

The Black sapphire now known as the Black Star of Queensland was discovered by a 12 year old boy in Australia. The boy showed his father the shiny black rock. The family thought it was pretty and used it for a door stop for the next twelve years until a family member suggested that it might be a very rare black sapphire. The door stop turned out to be the largest black sapphire in the world, weighing over 1100 carats. At the time it sold for $18.000. Today it is valued at many tens of millions of dollars.

The River Styx

The River Styx is a black diamond from South Africa.  It was cut into two stones, one weighing 28.50 carats and the other 7 carats.  In 1958, the gem was stolen by armed robbers.  The stone has not been seen since. 


Celebrities Wearing Black Jewelry


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