Costume Jewelry by Color

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Costume Jewelry By Color

Costume Jewelry by Color is a new concept bringing new trends in costume jewelry stores online all organized by color. Find costume wedding jewelry by color with costume jewelry necklaces and sets in pink, red, blue, purple, brown, and yellow.  We researched the best costume jewelry by color on Amazon and brought them to you in one convenient store, saving you countless hours of searching. We’ve included dresses and accessories by color to compliment your Costume Jewelry by Color. You’ll be able to find hundreds of beautiful costume jewelry pieces and matching gowns and outfits to give you that “million dollar” look for under $100. Are you going to a wedding, prom, black tie event? The right costume jewelry by color will make any dress pop. Shop the Amazon store on the right to take you into targeted costume jewelry by color at your fingertips. It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s the fastest way to match your dress or outfit to the latest fashion costume jewelry. So what are you waiting for? Click on the store to the right to open the Costume Jewelry by Color Amazon store and open a new way to shop – by color – blue, pink, red, green, champagne, crystal/diamond, black, purple, yellow, multicolored.

The Tests

  1. Look at your veins in natural sunlight. If your veins appear bluish in color you are cool. If your veins appear more greenish in color you are warm. This is due to the yellow hues in your skin.
  2. Do you look better in gold or silver jewelry? Even though silver is in fashion, does it compliment your skin? If it does, you are cool. If your skin looks more radiant in gold, you are warm.
  3. Do you look better in pink or orange? If you look better in pink you are cool. If you look better in orange you are warm?
  4. Do you look better in white or off white? If wearing white is more flattering you are cool. If you look better in off white you are warm.
  5. Do you have gold or red tones in your hair? If so you are warm. If you have no gold or red tones you are cool.

Your Season

Once you’ve determined whether you are cool or warm. It’s time to determine your season. Spring and Autumn are warm. Summer and Winter are cool. The seasons are based on your hair and eye color as well as your skin tone.


Autumns have dark blonde, red, auburn, or medium brown to dark brown hair with brown, green, hazel, or dark teal blue eyes.

Springs have light to medium dark brown, strawberry blonde to golden blonde, or red hair. Your hair has red or golden highlights. Your eye color is blue, blue-green, blue-grey, green or turquoise blue.


Winters have dark brown or black hair without highlights. Your eye color ranges from dark brown, dark blue-green, or dark blue-grey.

Summers have blond or medium brown hair without highlights. Your eye color ranges from blue, blue-green, blue-grey.

Celebrity example of Seasons






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